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Latest Bollywood Songs - Finding Fanny (2014)
Latest Singles Songs - Aao Na - Haider(2014)
Latest Singles Songs - Engine Ki Seeti - Khoobsurat (2014)
Latest Bollywood Songs - Mary Kom (2014)
Latest Bollywood Songs - Creature 3D (2014)
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Music is considered as one of the precious gift by god because this is the best stress buster. No matter, which mood you want to occupy, music will put you on that way. When music comes with visuals then its affect automatically skies. At FreshMaza, we are committed to bring a new age of music where you will enjoy all types of music at one platform. In terms of variation, music industry has also seen major changes. In earlier days, music was a high class art but nowadays it is lucrative profession. Today, millions of people have entered in this industry and they are very well paid in compare to other sectors. These days, system has completely changed for a music lover. Some ten years back, we use to buy cassettes from stores but gone are those days now. These days, we have online music junctions which offer great variety and ease of access. Just few clicks and songs will be yours. In the upcoming years, we may see that we will enjoy platforms that would be better than the current one. With music portals, you can also enjoy great piece of convenience because these sites are open 24 by 7. No matter where you are staying, you can access these sites whenever you need music.

Here we are going to reveal few fine things about music that you would not have heard yet:
- Dopamine gets released in body whenever you feel the typical higher notes in the music.
- Heartbeat rate and blood pressure change while listening music.
- It is right that music is addictive like drugs. After many researches, it has been found that this thing is right.
- In many European countries, headphones are used to listen music.
- Many medical researchers have proven that music can help people who are suffering with anxiety, Parkinson etc.
- If you play any musical instrument then your IQ automatically increases.
- Surgeons operate better while listening to music.